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Sunday School for all ages
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Family Worship
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FlipSide Youth Ministry
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Memorial Drive Bible Fellowship and COVID-19 Scheduling

To All Members and Friends:


Please call everyone you know that has previously come to FMS and let them know that Feed My Sheep is up and running again!

Please take note of the special procedures we will be using for the upcoming months to do the best we can to insure the safety of our volunteers and participants. These will be handed out to all participants and volunteers as you enter the parking lot.


The following practices and rules will be in effect for our July 4th and following food distributions. Please respect these practices and rules! We want to offer the safest environment possible for all participants and volunteers!

Volunteers –

·      Masks and gloves will be worn in both the sorting and distributing processes.

·      For those that do not have a mask, masks will be provided.

·      Potential volunteers that have experienced coughs or other indications of respiratory issues are asked not to come into the building.

·      Our volunteer registration workers will be asking all registrants about possible indications of exposure to the COVID virus.

·      Volunteers will receive donations from participants who will remain in their cars.

Registrants –

·      Registration will take place OUTSIDE as FMS participants enter the parking lot.

·      Participants will be asked about 1) potential exposure to the COVID virus, and 2) whether they have been or are experiencing coughing, unexplained aches and pains, or respiratory issues that may be linked to the virus.

·      Any participant that believes they may have been exposed will be asked to remain in their cars.  (In such cases, a volunteer will do the walk-through with the participants containers and bring the food to the car. They will make the best choices of products offered that they can.)

·      Participants will pay the registration fee from their cars and should remain in their cars (or practice social-distancing guidelines) in the parking lot.

·      Participants numbers will be announced via a public address system and called to enter the building in small groups to avoid close proximity “in line.”

·      Participants will enter through the main door and exit through the gymnasium door, trying to maintain recommended social distancing guidelines.

·      Participants “going through the line” will receive their choices of food from gloved volunteers and refrain from touching any food products displayed on the tables.

·      If at all possible – i.e. we have enough volunteers – our gloved volunteers will handle our church carts from building to car. In the event this is not possible, we will be sanitizing carts between users.

Again, we ask all volunteers and registrants to closely adhere to these rules and practices so that we can provide the safest environment possible for our guests and workers while restarting this program.

Thank your for your patience in the months we have not been able to provide this service!

If you are reading this message on our Facebook page or on our Memorial Drive Bible Fellowship website page, PLEASE CALL EVERYONE YOU KNOW THAT HAS ATTENDED FEED MY SHEEP IN THE PAST AND LET THEM KNOW THAT WE ARE UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!


General Information ...

We are excited to announce that we have now resumed onsite, gathered worship making use of aceptably distanced seating and closed-circuit transmissions to several areas within the church building. This will allow us to practice procedures recommended for the health safety of all. (You will still be able to listen to the messages given in our worship services by going to SERMONS on the website menu and either listening or downloading the messages.)

Our FLIPSIDE Youth Ministry has also resumed meeting while practicing recommended procedures.

Finally, please go to the Sandstone TreeHouse webpage for information on how this ministry is continuing to reach out to students in our area!

With Love and Prayers for All,

Pastor Gary Nelson and Our Elders